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Saul Family-Kovno 193602

The Reunion in Kaunas in 1936
Seated at the bottom, from left to right: Marsha (daughter of Peretz & Dena), Leibel (son of Joe & Gitel), Rella (daughter of Chazkl), Rella Etta (daughter of Joe & Gitel), Rella (daughter of Zusel & Dena), Kira (son of Solomon & Manya)
Seated on chairs: Dena Solski (daughter of Mordechai, married her first cousin, Peritz), Wolfe (from South Africa), Joe Saul (from USA), Zusel, Abbe, Ruda Ehtel (Abbe’s second wife), Manya (Solomon’s wife)
Standing: Peretz, Chazkl, Chaya (Chazkl’s wife), Joe, Gitel (Joe’s wife), Dena, Zusel, Rifka (Abbe’s daughter), Alter Browde (Rifka’s husband)
Standing in the back: Mina (Peretz’ daughter), Charles, Leib, Braina, Mina, Solomon

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Rella Saul Sloman and Harold Yudelson, 1946 Munich

Rella Saul Sloman and Harold Yudelson in Munich in 1946

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