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Jacob Leb Sulski

This picture is from Rhoada Kagan Brasch. She identified him as Jacob Leb Solski.

Mina Likhtenshtein Sulski

Mindl Lichtenshtein Solski, wife of Jacob Leb Solski (courtesy of Rhoada Kagan Brasch)

Zusel Sulski (Shaina's parents, son of Jacob)

Zusel Sulski, son of Jacob Leb Solski (courtesy of Rhoada Kagan Brasch)

Rhoada Neumark Sulski  (Shaina's parents)

Rhoada Neumark Sulski wife of Zusel Sulski (courtesy of Rhoada Kagan Brasch)

Leah Saul Yudelson

Leah Saul Yudelson daughter of Jacob Leb Sulski


Josephine Potsdamer and Meyer Saul
(son of Jacob Leb)
 at Tallulah Falls, Georgia,
 before they were married,
about 1901.
(photo courtesy of
  Elsie Weinkle Kronenfeld)

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